#4 Write a doable to-do list.

May 31, 2012

When I say “write”, you can put this on your Smartphone, computer, calendar book, actually write it on paper, whatever is comfortable for you. By doing this, you are setting a daily goal for yourself and holding yourself accountable. As each task is done, you can check or mark it off thus giving yourself the good feeling of accomplishment. Be sure to include in your list recovery type items. A down side to this suggestion is the tendency on the part of some people to make the list too long and, therefore, impossible to complete. Be realistic with yourself here and gentle in what you expect of yourself. Progress-not perfection. Prioritize according to 1) Spiritual 2) Self-care 3) Other. If you don’t take care of you and your recovery/spiritual life, you won’t be effective in what you do for others. More detail about your daily list in the next blogs: “Daily prayer/meditation” and “Making a gratitude list.”

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