Tip #3 for Enhancing Recovery: Make phone calls

May 20, 2012

It has been said in 12 step that the phone weighs 1000 lb. Many feel so isolated and alone and just can’t force themselves to call someone when they need help. Here are just a few of the excuses that the addiction will put into your head:

1) I can take care of this myself. (If you could do that, you wouldn’t be in trouble now!)

2) I don’t want to impose on anyone. (Actually, getting a call from someone in recovery is helpful to someone else in recovery.)

3) What would I talk about? (You don’t have to be having a major crisis, although you MUST call then, but just to CONNECT. If you call to briefly chat and get to know people and let them know you, then when you have a major urge to act out or you are not doing well, you will be more likely to call someone you know and who understands.)

4) I don’t have the time. (Come on! How much time did you spend acting out or doing whatever you did to cover up pain? With cell phone availability now, there is plenty of time.)

5) They don’t know me. (Yes, and they won’t ever if you don’t call. Program people are used to getting calls. Calling is a good way to find who would fit the bill to be a good sponsor.)

6) I have called and they don’t answer–I left a message and they didn’t call me back–they didn’t have time to talk to me. (If someone doesn’t call you or answer when you need them, then CALL SOMEONE ELSE! That is why they pass that notebook at meetings–so you can copy down phone numbers of those with whom you can connect.)

You see, there really are no good excuses. We need others in the program. Be gentle with yourself as you recover–this is very difficult work and it is necessary to try something that is uncomfortable. It takes courage–and so we slowly and steadily move from fear to courage. It is part of the journey. Just do it.


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