Real clients share their thoughts on how True Self Transitions has truly helped them with the trauma of being the partner of a sex addict or with a sexual addiction themselves. To learn more about how True Self Transitions can help you, please visit our services page.

"With her compassionate and wise style, Enod has helped me to gain clarity for myself, my partner, and our relationship dance. The trauma work she is facilitating in group is adding to my healing and growth in personal strength and my ability to trust that I know what is the right path for me."

"With time and patience, Enod has helped me identify the core issue at the root of my addictions. I trust Enod implicitly. She knows me better than any human on Earth."

"As an ordained minister for over 20 years, I never understood the reasons for my depressions and addictions until I met Enod. She helped my wife and I break old, dysfunctional patterns in our relationship so we could begin to live much healthier and happier lives. I have referred other people to Enod who were also greatly helped and would not hesitate to refer more in the future. She is an excellent and very professional therapist!"

"The Women's Trauma Group at TrueSelf Transitions was instrumental in my recovery from codependence to a sex addict. I highly recommend it as a complement to the Twelve Steps. Through participation in the group, I moved from trauma, confusion and fear to empowerment, clarity and serenity."

*All testimonials are anonymous to protect the identity of the clients.
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Are you looking for a trusted, confidential advisor to help address a sex addiction or other relationship issues? Enod Gray of True Self Transitions has helped many Houstonians to understand their behaviors and lead healthy, fulfilling lives. Contact us to learn how True Self Transitions can help you and your loved ones.

You don't have a soul; you ARE a soul.
You HAVE a body.

–C.S. Lewis