TrueSelf Transitions offers individual, couples, group and family therapy. Here are some ways that you may benefit from our services. Individual therapy can help you...
  • Find the courage to talk about whatever is hardest to talk about.
  • Let go of addictions and understand the underlying reasons behind them.
  • Trust yourself and your feelings.
  • Set healthy and appropriate boundaries.
  • Let go of old hurts and heal from deeply hidden wounds.
  • Achieve your greatest potential.
  • Identify old ways that no longer work.
  • Establish new strategies to cope with life's stressors.
  • Quit porn and instead engage in healthy relationships.
  • Take care of yourself in relationships.
  • Know your true self.
Group therapy can help you...
  • Learn you are not alone.
  • Discover parts of yourself you didn't know.
  • Get the support that you need to heal.
  • Practice social skills.
  • Gain new perspectives on your problems.
  • Find your own voice.
  • Learn to feel safe discussing your problems in a confidential setting.
  • Increase self-confidence.
  • Heal from childhood trauma.
  • Heal from sexual infidelity.
Couples therapy can help you...
  • Take care of yourself individually, yet still be together as a couple.
  • Enjoy and celebrate healthy sexuality.
  • Fight fair.
  • Learn and practice clear and direct communication.
  • Stop playing games.
  • Nurture and guide children.
  • Identify and leave behind old hurts that trigger conflict in the relationship.
  • State your feelings, wants and needs without controlling or feeling controlled.
  • Dance the dance of true intimacy without stepping on each other's toes.
  • Take responsibility for your own goals, actions, and needs.
  • And much more...
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If we can help you or a loved one with sex addiction counseling, contact us today to learn more about our confidential services and upcoming meetings.  
This above all, To refuse to be a victim. Unless I can do that I can do nothing. I have to recant, Give up the old belief that I am powerless. –character in M. Atwoods's novel Surfacing