In spite of the fact that our society is one of the most prosperous ever, we still suffer from what we call "a poverty of spirit." "A poverty of spirit" refers to a gnawing emptiness inside representing a spiritual void that many attempt to fill with things, other people or various addictive substances or practices. People appear to be longing for truly intimate relationships and a greater sense of community and connection. To fill this spiritual void, false substitutes are, unfortunately, lulling people into addictions that rob them of true peace and make the situation worse. These substitutes may range from compulsive shopping, unhealthy relationships, violent outbursts, or TV/internet addictions to alcohol, cocaine or sexual addiction. We can become addicted to just about anything in our society. Fortunately, there is hope and healing for individuals and, therefore, for couples, groups and the community at large. When individuals begin to wake up and become acquainted with their inner guidance system, which represents their True Selves, a spiritual connection is made and the individuals can continue on to greater levels of personal growth and success in all areas of their lives. Recovery from sex/love addiction is possible.
The good road and the road of great difficulties You have made to cross; and where they cross, the place is holy. –Nicolas Black Elk
True Self Transitions believes it is never too late to heal from emotional pain and to begin to live life fully as one's True Self. This process is certainly not easy, but it is well worth it! It takes courage and commitment. If we can help you or a loved one with sex addiction counseling, please visit our services page and contact us today.